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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure, it is often common to have questions regarding particular aspects. We have compiled our customer’s most frequently asked questions below.

Consults are carried out on the same day as treatment. If you have any questions or concerns prior to booking, we offer complimentary consultations via text.

Cosmetic tattoo is semi-permanent so refresh is necessary to keep the brow strokes defined and vibrant. Longevity depends on skin type and external factors such sun exposure, diet, genetics and skin type. Oily skin types may require more frequent retouches as the colour will fade at a quicker rate. We suggest booking every 18 months to guarantee colour consistency. Colourboost appointments are available to all returning clients within 2 years of their initial appointment and are charged at half the current price of a full brow appointment. These need to be booked at least 3 months prior to the expiry to guarantee a booking. *Expiry dates are to be monitored by the client.

No- Acne medication thins the skin risking excess bleeding which can stop the pigment from attaching leaving the brows uneven and patchy. We require a 6 month break from acne medication prior to booking cosmetic tattooing.

Any health concerns such as Cancer, Diabetes and any blood thinning medication can risk the healing process and might be a risk to your health. If you are on medication, please inform us during the booking of the appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, we suggest you seek advice from a medical practitioner prior to making payment. Zar Brow Expert does not hold any responsibility for issues that occur due to medication.

No. Unfortunately, due to Zar’s insurance policy, she is unable to treat any client who is pregnant or breastfeeding so Zar will not be able to legally book an appointment if this was the case.

We require 7 days notice to retain the deposit so if you are unable to attend and give the correct notice, we can either reschedule you or your deposit will move to credit and will be held in your file until you are ready to book in the future. You can also transfer the deposit to a friend or family member if they are approved to get the treatment (have not had cosmetic brows in the past, do not take certain medication etc.) Please note that we can only reschedule an appointment prior to expiry (depending on availability). If your colourboost or retouch is set to expire we can only offer appointments up to the expiry date.

Your brows will take up to 4 weeks to heal fully and for the pigment to pull through. This is why we wait at least 4 weeks for the retouch appointment.

No, unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds for deposits. We can either move your deposit to credit to use at a later date or you can transfer your deposit to a family or friend (pending approval).

Unfortunately, we require 7 days notice for cancellations so the deposit will be forfeited. This is because it is very difficult to fill an appointment at short notice.

If you would like to see some of Zar’s previous work, she has a huge selection of client photos on instagram: zar_browexpert

Tattooing over another artist’s work can be a very delicate process. Zar would first need to assess a photo of the brows without make-up to ensure that the shape can be worked with and the pigment has sufficiently faded.

Not necessarily. Zar will do her best to draw her signature brow strokes and give line clarity but if there is shading from previous tattoo, she will offer suggestions during the consultation to work with your current brows. This may mean she will tattoo combination brows to blend and refresh the pigment.

It is normal for it to fade this way as red (or warm tones) is the last pigment to leave the skin. Definition will naturally be lost as the body breaks down the pigment causing slight smudging which is why we suggest the colourboost prior to the 2 year mark which will refresh the brows and put detail back into the hair strokes again.

We specialize in the digital machine method in our salon, we do not offer Microblading (feathering). Microblading is a hand held tool used to slice the skin to create strokes that mimics hair.

The digital machine is similar to a conventional tattoo machine but the needle used is the same width as natural hair (Nano needle). Therefore we find that the pigment is implanted more effectively. It is possible to achieve extremely fine, natural strokes that mimic hair. We also offer combination and ombre brows using the digital machine.

Firstly, fill out an enquiry form on our website. We will then send through information about the service you have enquired about along with Zar’s current availability. Once a date has been agreed upon, we will send our assessment questions. Once these have been checked and approved, we will send our terms and conditions along with payment information. We ask that a screenshot of payment is sent so we can confirm your appointment.

Avoid Retinol and AHA’s 2 weeks prior and after the appointment as well as Fish oil and Vitamin E as it thins skin which can cause excess bleeding. Please do not book Botox, filler or laser appointments 2 weeks prior and after the cosmetic appointment as well.

Brows need to be kept dry, make-up free and away from direct sunlight for at least 7 days during the healing process. It is best to book your appointment away from any holidays or events that can affect this.

Complimentary retouches are available to all New brow appointments and are offered at $175 for colourboost appointments. These have a 3 month expiry and need to be booked within 3 weeks of the initial booking to avoid missing out. Only 1 retouch appointment can be booked per client and no expiry extensions.